Cemetery Flower Policy 

Cemetery Regulations Regarding Flowers and Decorations

Fresh cut flowers are permitted within installed flower vases throughout the cemetery and will be removed when they become unsightly at the discretion of Melrose Abbey.

Permanent cemetery-authorized vases are available purchase in the cemetery office and are installed by cemetery personnel.  Unauthorized vases and memorials are not permitted and will be removed by cemetery personnel.

Funeral flowers will be removed from the lawns and mausoleum when they become unsightly by cemetery personnel.

Artificial flowers, decorations, and potted plants are ONLY PERMITTED during these Holidays and may be placed one week before the holiday and will be removed one week after the holiday by cemetery personnel.

Mother’s Day

Veterans Day



Father’s Day  

Memorial Day           


Chinese New Year

Dia De Los Muertos

During the rest of the year artificial flowers, lights or other decorations may be placed on a shepherd’s hook (1 per monument) that is located within 2” of the installed monument. Any artificial flowers, decorations, potted plants (including, but not limited to, balloons, pinwheels, silk and plastic flowers, planter boxes, flags, etc.) placed on graves other than during Holidays, will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Grave spaces may not be defined and demarcated by any kind of fence, railing, hedge, trench or embankments.  Statuary, wire arches and trellises are not allowed to be placed on any grave space.

All trees and shrubs are the property of Melrose Abbey Memorial Park.  Planting additional trees and shrubs by individuals is not permitted.

With the exception of animals used by the disabled, (such as guide dogs,) no animal or pet shall be allowed on the Cemetery grounds or in any of its buildings.

Persons with alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are not permitted to enter Cemetery property.

Picnicking, Barbecuing or setting up of tents, umbrellas or other items associated with picnicking is prohibited.  (Note: for special services accommodations can be made for the family).

Bands or loud music not directly associated with a scheduled service is prohibited.