Our History

At the time Melrose Abbey was established in 1929, Orange County was completely covered by orange groves. The founders commissioned a Laguna Beach architect, Richard Haley, to create a unique mausoleum which would forever identify the Abbey. He selected the Melrose Abbey in Scotland as the building's model.

In the early days, the Abbey Chapel was used more for weddings than funerals. Many funeral services have been held in the chapel for people who were married in the Abbey Chapel earlier.

Over three-quarters of a century provides a heritage of business which will make any mortuary-cemetery a success.

Management of Melrose Abbey was stable from its beginning up to the middle of the 1960s, when the founders passed management on to new owners. When the present owners took over in 2008, they not only had the original vision, but are committed to the heritage of Melrose Abbey. One of the original visions is to provide the community with a beautiful and lasting tribute to honor their loved ones.

Melrose offers an extensive selection of memorial arrangements at affordable costs.

From simple cremation services to the grandeur of the Melrose Abbey Chapel & Mausoleum, as well as our Garden and Rose Chapels, many Melrose’s families find comfort and convenience with funeral, burial and cremation services in one location.