Johnny Springs

Johnny was born on June 17, 1953, in San Antonio Texas. He had two loving parents, Larnell & Grace. He was the First born in a family of four, which made him a natural born leader.

He loved to learn, so upon graduating high school, he received a full scholarship and immediately enrolled into Trinity University. It was there that he received a Bachler’s degree in 1975.

In 1989, he moved to Los Angeles, California, and shortly after while at a social gathering he met his sweetheart, Eva. Though his personality was more of an introvert, he initiated a conversation with her and pursued her.

In 1993, he sealed the deal with Eva and married her in Hawaii.  As they established a life together, he continued in higher learning and enrolled in Walden University. In 2011, with hard work and perseverance, he earned a doctoral degree. He utilized those degrees when he became a teacher and taught for over twelve years.

Although, he was a hardworking man, he also took time to enjoy life and traveled extensively. One of his favorite places to visit was Hawaii. He enjoyed watching sports and his favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers. He was artistic as well; good at drawing comics, and playing tennis, when his health permitted him to do so. Family was important to Johnny; and he took great joy in speaking with them frequently.

Later, he battled with several health issues that led to many surgeries, but Johnny was surrounded by people that cared for him. His co-workers were generous towards him, so much so, that they donated monetarily and up to two months’ worth of sick time.  He fought to the very end, but on March 5, 2023 he lost his battle with several of his health issues and passed away peacefully, while in his sleep.

Johnny was preceded in death by His Parents; Grace and Larnell Springs; Children; Daisy Gorden and Kenneth Cole; Aunt Selma Harris; Cousins; Allen and Earnest Wayne Koontz.

He is survived by; His Wife Eva Springs; Children; James Springs, Debert Hodge, Lareina Hodge, LC Raymond Grays and Sharon Cole; Siblings Dexter, Zadar, and Marilyn Springs; Aunt; Maola Koontz and countless Nieces, Nephews, and Cousins.


He will be remembered most for being a caring, outspoken, hardworking educator.